After Middle Boy stormed up to his room I went to talk to him.

What is this about?  What is bothering him?

A FLOOD of things came out.

He hates this home.  He has no social life.  People here are always "coming at him".  Younger Boy is continually acting like "a little girl".  No one ever does anything except their responsibilities.  No one cares his girlfriend is mad at him, because he can't text her.  Every time I give a consequence he always seems to lose something he cares about.  On and on...

I asked him some questions.  What is it that he wants to be doing that he doesn't get to?  I DON'T KNOW.  Then how can I make sure you have the opportunity to do those things?

All I ever do is push.  He is done talking to me.  I should just leave.

So I did.
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