Middle Boy is really good at telling me how he is going to change and the new behaviors I will be seeing.

When it is just talk and it isn't important to execute he is well spoken and thoughtful.

When the rubber meets the road and he has to execute any of his plans it immediately changes.  He NEVER said he was going to do any of that.  He said he wasn't going to do those things.

This is the "normal" chain of events.

This morning it is therapy homework.  When it wasn't time for therapy homework he was going to do an assignment per day except on the days when he had therapy.  So...five a week.  Tomorrow is therapy.  Tonight when he goes to bed there should be five assignments done.  Thus far there is only one. 

He never said anything about doing one per day.  He didn't even say anything about it.  I am just being ridiculous.
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