Middle Boy has needed new tennis shoes for a while.  I have been holding him off, because they are expensive and I am not a lover of shopping.

Younger Boy has been growing A LOT.  Every time I look at that kid it feels like he is getting taller.  His shoes, the ones we bought after the storm sewer incident, are too small.

So, lucky me, two pair of tennis shoes.

On the way there I asked each boy what they thought was a reasonable budget for tennis shoes.

Younger Boy said fifteen dollars (I wish) and Middle Boy just wants to look and see if the ones he wants are too expensive. 

I gave them their budget.  There was no complaining.

We were there longer than I wanted to be, because Middle Boy struggles to make decisions.  We were almost there long enough for me to think I should try on some shoes....not quite though.

It was a relatively peaceful shopping experience.  Normal...and nice.

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