While we were in therapy I got an urgent call from Mom J.  Little Sister had a HORRIBLE flashback last night and she wanted to share it with me.

She had already talked with Older Boy about it and he confirmed and added to the story.  She just needed more detail from Middle Boy if there was any.  They were on their way to their therapist, because this memory had rocked both kiddos to the core.

Little Sister didn't sleep all night.  Just sobbed and shook while Mom and Dad J held her.

I told Younger Boy a few of the details Little Sister had remembered.

A floodgate opened.  Lots of details and thoughts and memories.  At least 10 different stories of a terrified little boy.  Stories about being abused.  Stories about being abandoned.  Stories which made me ANGRY.  Talk about people watching the abuse and wondering why they did nothing.  Hating adults.

I called Therapist C.  We were one our way to see Psychiatrist for a med check and Therapist C asked us to come back afterward so we could capture the break through moment.

While we drove to Psychiatrist's office I just held his hand and reminded him OVER and OVER that he is safe.
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