I'm not sure what happened, but today, all of a sudden something clicked for Younger Boy.

He was finally honest at therapy.  He told Therapist C that he didn't understand something.

We were talking about his relationship with Older Boy.  He blames Older Boy for being in foster care in the first place.  He is positive he was removed from his biological grandparents because Older Boy requested it.

So...we started setting things straight.  Bluntly setting them straight.

He was removed from his biological grandparents, because they didn't follow the visitation rules with the biological parents.  We explained that Judge D told them "no more".

He had lots of other questions.

Why does Older Sister live with his biological parents?  Tough question.  Because she was never in foster care.  She doesn't have the same biological dad as you do so when you all went in foster care she went to live with her dad.  We don't know how she came to live with her mom again.

Is Older Sister safe?  We don't know the answer.  She is almost an adult, but we don't really know.

Did his parents only have one chance to get him back?  No.  There were FOUR YEARS of court dates.  They had a MINIMUM of SIXTEEN chances.  We asked him how many chances he liked to give people if they weren't doing what he thought they should be doing.  He said two or three.  We explained that SIXTEEN is a lot more than that.

If he gets taken from this home would he have to go live with his biological parents again?  First, it is unlikely he would get taken from this home.  We then explained the law.  Therapist C equated it to robbing a bank and the consequences of that.  His parents broke the law so he cannot LEGALLY be his parents anymore.  If (and again it is unlikely) he would get taken from this home I would have chances to get him back just like his parents did.

It was interesting to hear what his questions were and how convoluted some of the thinking he had was.  He has been working to really make sense of it.  We were able to finally help him with some of it.
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