After our discussion tonight Middle Boy posted the following on Facebook:

from now on i dont care wat people think if you have a problum with me fight me if u dont like me go to hell if u want me to change u might as well walk away cuz im sick of people assuming they know me well ima show them who i really am

So...I sent him the following message:

Is your post directed at me?

His response:

partly u like it....

My response:

You have a choice to build our relationship or tear it down.  It is up to you.  Being in a family is hard work.  Are you willing to do the work or are you going to walk away?  No matter what you choose I will continue to love you with everything that I am.

His response:

u decide but wen u walk out of a conversation cuz u dont like it u let more walls be built so if ur tryin to get in thts not the way but i am gonna start bein me i dont care wat peopl think of me anymore

My response:

You had already shut me out.  You told me to stop pushing.  I gave you your wish.  You doesn't matter to me how "bad" and "angry" you are.  I will love you.  No matter what.  Can you say the same about loving me?

His response:

To come to the family room and sit RIGHT NEXT to me on the couch.  He wouldn't look at me (thanks a lot RAD), but he wanted to be RIGHT THERE.  The repair phase after the guilt phase after the meltdown phase.

Praises for the repair phase.  Prayers the meltdown phases become fewer and farther between.

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