Younger Boy has ZERO concept of time.

He told Therapist C on Tuesday that five minutes is TOO LONG to wait for dinner if he is hungry.

This morning I had to leave to take Middle Boy to school before Younger Boy's bus arrived.

We left at 7:06AM.  His bus is to arrive at 7:09AM, but sometimes it is as late as 7:13AM or 7:14AM.  Honestly I only know this because Middle Boy FREAKS out every time it is even the tiniest bit late.

This morning at 7:08AM I got a call from Younger Boy telling me the bus must have forgotten him, because he has been waiting a "really long time".  I asked if he had looked at the clock before calling me.  No.  I told him to look at the clock and then tell me what time it was and what time his bus usually arrives.  I asked if there was cause for alarm.

TWO MINUTES.  That's how long he had been waiting.  The sense of urgency and now in him is getting worse, not better.  It is exhausting me.

Pray Younger Boy will start to gain an understanding of time.
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