Tonight Middle Boy wanted to know about Younger Boy's memory log.  I told him what he is doing.

I also suggested maybe he could do the same thing and maybe it would help.

He completely shut down.

When he decided to talk again he told me he is too angry to do that.  If I ask him to remember it will bring up anger and I won't like it.  Allegedly he had a therapist who told him it is best to just pretend those things never happened.  I doubt this is true, but there are some wacky therapists out there.

So...that's what he is going to do.  Bury it.

He did tell me later that he is still working on his autobiography.  I read the beginning of it about a week ago, but today he said he had deleted that one.  It was formatted chronologically.  He has decided to change the format and make each memory its own chapter.

He said that by reading the book is the only way I will ever know what happened to him, because he is never going to say the words.

Praises he is choosing to have an outlet.
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