Middle Boy and I discussed depth tonight.

This is where therapeutic parenting is SO HARD for me.

He lies and tells me the teachers lost things.  He turned them in.  He is giving 100% effort.

He is making a plan.

He actually tried to tell me that the reason he hasn't turned anything in for two weeks is because he ran out of school supplies and I didn't get him any.  I told him I would not allow the blame to be placed on me.  If in fact he was out of school supplies...which he isn't...then he did nothing to let me know.

I made a plan, too.  He hates my plan.  He argued and cried and called me childish and unreasonable.  He BEGGED to let him try his plan (AGAIN). 

He swore he would do better.  He is going to pull it together over spring break.  He promises.

Then he talked about how he is never going to get straight As in college.  Why do we care about that right now?  Let's get assignments turned in during the last quarter of our HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN YEAR.

Pray we can find a solution.
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