We have a hole in our dining room ceiling.

Surprisingly it was not created by anyone who lives here.

We had to call in our builder for warranty work.  There was water dripping from the ceiling.

He cut a hole in the ceiling and didn't find the leak.

I went upstairs and turned on each plumbing fixture individually. leak.

One of the plumbers (there were three there) went upstairs and had an idea.  He tried it.  Water started pouring out of the hole in the ceiling.

It seems as though the plumber who built our house didn't seal any of the openings in the tub wall of the main upstairs bathroom.  As a result when water got on the walls of the shower it poured out the back of the fixture.

They told me the plumber for my house no longer works for my builder.  Too many problems.  Of course.

This is fixed.  Now to get someone to fix the hole in the ceiling.
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