Tonight the boys and I had dinner with C before going to The Lion King musical.

We went to eat downtown.  It is always kind of an interesting experience.  There were two women standing on the corner holding up signs saying "free hugs".  It creeped both boys out.  There were banjo players and guitar players.

We parked and went to dinner.  Middle Boy had three or four plates of salad and a plate of spaghetti.  Younger Boy also had two plates of salad and a plate of spaghetti.  He even kept pace with everyone else at the table.

We were talking about whether or not we were full and out of nowhere Younger Boy said "I'm satisfied."

As we were leaving he told the man managing the salad bar "You have been working really hard and you are doing a great job."

Dinner was a nice time.  With good discussion.
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