After dinner we played a game of 90s Trivial Pursuit.

We divided up into teams.  Grandpa and Grandma.  Younger Boy and me.  Middle Boy and Boarder.

Last time we played Middle Boy and I were a team.  This time he decided he wanted to be with Boarder.

It was kind of an ugly game.

Boarder and Middle Boy struggled.  I thought Middle Boy would never let it die when Boarder answered a question about a futuristic movie with "Jurassic Park" and a question about who protects the internet with "Superman".

Grandma and Grandpa...who profess to not be good at trivia...won.  Grandpa gave me a hard time for possessing a significant amount of completely useless knowledge.  He is right.  If only the important things would stick.  No need to know the first names of Mulder and Sculley from the X-Files....which by the way I never watched.

We laughed a lot.

Thank you God for this wonderful time with extended family.
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