The middle school youth group is talking about relationships.  The high school youth group just finished talking about relationships.

So...tonight on the way home we talked about relationships.

We give S a ride home every week, because she lives near us.  I used to mentor her, but now Coach Z does.

She and Middle Boy were having a pretty frank discussion about middle school and high school relationships.  They both had a lot of questions about gay marriage, because it has been in the news so often.

We talked a lot about different kinds of love and being able to love your friends, but to not have that be considered "bi" or gay. 

It was an interesting discussion.  They were both surprisingly adult and open with their opinions...most of which were pretty solid and Biblically-based.

Younger Boy...oblivious to the whole discussion.  In his own world.

Praises for the ability to talk openly with these kids and for hearing their opinions and being proud of them.
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