Today at therapy we worked on Younger Boy's "story".  They have found that writing your story makes you feel like there are good and happy things that happen to all kids...all people really.

We talked about him living in an interrupted state for eight years.  Him being confused, sad, and scared.  Therapist C asked him what that looked like to others.  He didn't know.

She gave this example...someone is hiding and they jump out and scare you.  What do you feel?  Mad.  That is how people react when they are scared. 

So...for Younger Boy he spent eight years being confused/scared/sad.  It came across as mad.

Over the course of writing the story Younger Boy went from sitting on a couch to lounging on a couch to being curled up in the fetal position on the floor.

During EMDR with Therapist D we worked on the story of the scar on the head.  Both Therapist D and Therapist C think it must be linked to other memories that haven't come out yet.  We went more intensive today.  The lights were used in all different directions...horizontal and at angles.  She used her finger high and low.  At one point Younger Boy said "I don't know why my dad beats us so much."  He started to cry.  Finally...not just one occurrence, but "so much".  We were then able to talk about how it is "not normal" to get that mad.

Praises for EMDR and for therapy.  Praises the fear is going away.
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