Younger Boy and I had the evening to ourselves tonight since Middle Boy was at the haunted houses.

It was good, because he needed to get black dress pants and black dress shoes for his choir concert on Thursday night.  I also decided to replace the shoes from the storm sewer incident.

He kept going on and on about how when we got home we should play a game and then watch a couple of movies before bed.

I asked him to stop and look at the clock and tell me what time it was.  It was 6:40PM.  I asked him what time his bedtime was "I don't know."  I told him he does know so he needed to think about it.  He finally came up with 8:30PM.  I asked him how much time that was and what we NEEDED to do yet that evening.  I was trying to show him that there was not time for two movies, a game, our errands, and dinner.

He immediately started screaming how I NEVER want to spend time with him.  I explained that spending time doesn't always look like fun activities, but that we were "spending time" right now.

Finally he admitted that he was having a good time and we didn't need to be watching a movie for it to count as spending time together.  Honestly, I am not sure why he even thinks that.

Prayers for him to start to understand responsibility and time.
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