Younger Boy was EXHAUSTED tonight.  He ended up going to bed at 7:30PM.

Middle Boy and I talked about today's sermon.  A very real, very honest discussion. 

We talked about sex and about how he views women.  We talked about objectifying women.

We talked about "the look" and whether or not he sees it as an issue in himself.  What do his friends do?

We talked about ways to change your viewpoint.

We discussed relationships and his constant "girlfriends".  He admitted those aren't relationships.

We talked about how the high school culture would lead you to believe that it is okay to have sex with everyone and the more people you have sex with the "cooler" you are.

When we started the discussion I honestly wasn't sure what kinds of answers or non-answers I was going to get.  I am luckily in the way the boys talk to me about EVERYTHING. 

He was VERY  HONEST with his answers and his struggles and his thoughts. 

We agreed to keep the communication open about this topic.  When we were finished we both felt good about the discussion.

Praises for open communication.  I am thankful God gives me the ability to talk to the boys about things others might find uncomfortable or awkward.
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