Just this morning on the way to school Middle Boy and I were chatting.  We when got near the school he pointed to a boy and said, "that kid skips nearly every class".

I asked him whether or not he knew my thoughts on skipping class.  He said he does.  He knows that my expectation is that he would attend all classes every day.

I asked him if he has skipped a class this year.  I suspected there was one, but they had a substitute teacher that day so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

He assured me it has NEVER happened.

Well, just 10 minutes ago I got a call from his Spanish teacher.  He skipped Spanish yesterday.  They had a test.

Tomorrow is the last day of the quarter so he won't be able to make it up.  It will likely cause him to fail Spanish for the quarter.

I am so irritated with him right now.  So...not only did he skip Spanish.  He lied to my face.

Hmmm...what is the natural consequence for skipping Spanish?
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