Middle Boy had another evening meltdown tonight.

This time it was over his earrings.

He had taken them out to clean his ears.  He hasn't been doing a good job of it so I have been helping him.  One has been infected and is finally healed.

He put the earrings on an end table and didn't put them back in.  Instead he went to his room to mess around with "his music".

When he actually remembered they were on the end table one wasn't there anymore.  I asked him to get his old pair.  One of those is missing, too.

This, my friends, is an indication that THE ENTIRE WORLD is against you.  If you go a couple of hours without your earrings they will heal over and then blood will literally squirt EVERYWHERE when you have to jam the earrings back in.  There is NO WAY he can wear a pair of my earrings (which are nearly EXACTLY like his), because he is NOT GAY.  He cannot wear one of each of his, because that is the most ridiculous solution he has ever heard...EVER.

There is no solution other than to lay on the floor and scream and cry. 
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