This morning was HORRIBLE.  Nothing good about it.

Younger boy was COMPLETELY out of sorts.  It took him 35 minutes to get dressed.  When it was five minutes until the bus was going to be there he still needed to take his meds and get his shoes and socks on.  He told me he couldn't do it due to a leg injury.  What? 

He finally got his shoes on after I SCREAMED "get ready".  The bus was honking and he was slamming his stuff around complaining about how he was "too rushed" in the morning. 

Middle Boy was fine through all of this, but once we got in the car he was a mess.  HUGE MESS.

He was screaming at me about how childish I was last night.  Now we are back to that.  Apparently the reason I am childish is I blew him off.  I asked when.  He didn't know.

What?  How am I getting "punished" for a fabricated offense?

I opted to just sit out the rest of the conversation.  Clearly it wasn't going to be rational.

Prayers for a better day the rest of the day.
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