Younger Boy has his youth group fall retreat this weekend.  They need to be at church by 4PM and will be heading to a campground about three hours away. 

I think there are over a hundred kids going and probably something like 50 adults.

Younger Boy is pretty excited.  He has been working on packing for the last three days.  Crossing things off the list.

Today when it was time to go the only thing he couldn't find ANYWHERE was his Bible.  We looked everywhere.  He had just had it FOR SURE on Thursday night at the concert.  It had DEFINITELY come home with us, because he was reading it before bed.

Finally I asked him to look in his bag.  There is was.  A victim of a forgotten cross out on the list.

On our way to pick up his dinner and get him to the church on time!!

Prayers for a good safe weekend where kids hearts are touched and God moves in big ways.
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