Tonight I asked the boys if they had ever used weighted blankets.

Middle Boy said he thought so and Younger Boy said no.

I asked Middle Boy to describe what he thought he used to me so I could determine if they were the same thing.  He didn't know.  This made me believe he did NOT use them in the past.

I told the boys I wanted to try them.  That I had done some research and that they seemed to help kids sleep.  BOTH BOYS NEED THIS.

Younger Boy was ALL FOR IT.  Could we stop and get his tonight.  I wish it was that easy.

Middle Boy told me he is already taking meds to help sleep (not technically true, because he takes melatonin) and he isn't going to try anything else.

I asked him if what he is doing is working.  He said not usually.  I 100% agree with that assessment.  I told him I thought we should try it, because we could all use good sleep in our house on a regular basis.

This is when I realized that the thought of sleeping soundly TERRIFIES Middle Boy.  He started doing all of his anxious behaviors.  Chewing things.  Picking at the skin on his fingers until they bleed.  Tapping his foot.  Making random obnoxious noises.

Younger Boy was also skin picking over this topic, but he wants to try.

Before I try with Middle Boy we are going to have to work through some of the nighttime anxiety.  I wish he would finish the therapy program he is in so we could start at the trauma center.  There are so many things they could help us very many.

Pray for sleep anxiety.  Pray I don't become exhausted before we can start to better manage the sleep anxiety.
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