Younger Boy didn't take his morning meds this morning.  He INSISTED he did.  I asked where he got them.  He said "from the pill case I took to the my bag."  When I told him that there was NO WAY that was true and he needed to take the pills I had in my hand he THREW A FIT.

I told him I had only packed enough pills for the weekend in his bag for the retreat and a friend of mine had monitored them for him.  He had emailed and told me all of them had been taken.

I asked Younger Boy if he wanted to have another chance to be accurate.  He said "I am just a bad kid.  I know that is what you think."

No...I think you didn't take your meds and you still need to.  I think you didn't tell me the truth.  I did not NOR WOULD I EVER say you were a bad kid, because I DON'T THINK THAT!

He ended up banging his head on the exterior wall of the house while waiting for his bus.

Pray for a calmer day for him.  It didn't start out well.
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