C took us out for a family adoption celebration today.

We decided to go to Dave and Buster's. 

It was an interesting experience.

To start off our waiter/waitress was a transvestite.  Younger Boy didn't notice.  Middle Boy was all over it.  He was so confused.  He couldn't figure out whether to call this person a man or woman.  She had a female name tag and was wearing a skirt.  She had a female figure.

She had whiskers on her entire face and the arms of a body builder and a very low voice.

It was one of the more odd dining experiences I have had recently.

C couldn't make eye contact with Middle Boy any time the waiter/waitress was at the table, because he was having such a tough time managing his disbelief.

Younger Boy remained oblivious throughout.

C...thanks for the "extra" entertainment during lunch...we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
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