Middle Boy got an application for Upward Bound today at school.

He isn't sure he wants to do it.  I asked why.  He thinks it is too much work and he is also doing Branching Out.  I explained that while there is some overlap in the programs there are some aspects which are quite different.  I explained I thought he should at least apply.  Someone had seen something in him which said he would be a good candidate.  He didn't believe me.  His exact questions was "who sees something good in me?"

That question breaks my heart.  He really thinks NO ONE sees good in him.  I got out my Bible and we started with God and then we talked about people here on earth who see good in him. 

My prayer is that he would begin to see good in himself.  There is a lot of it there, but it is so overshadowed by the other beliefs that the enemy has ingrained in him for his whole life.

Prayers for his understanding of how God sees him and he is good.
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