During the EMDR session with Therapist D we tried to dig deep into when the feeling of "I can't make a mistake" started.  She asked him to think back to a time when he was "in trouble" when he was little.  He brought up the shoe incident from a few days ago.  We asked him for something older and he brought up something from a couple of weeks ago.

He is CLEARLY avoiding thinking about getting in trouble at other homes.

Finally through tears he talked about an incident when he lived at another foster home and nearly drown.  He hid the shoes of an adult foster sibling and when they were found they were thrown into the deep end and he couldn't get out of the pool until he retrieved them.  He didn't know how to swim and they kept pushing him back into the pool and wouldn't let him touch the side.

Through EMDR he processed through some of this.  We inserted me into the memory and I took him out of the pool to keep him safe.  Therapist D asked him to tell "Little Younger Boy" that he was safe now.  He started talking about adults being enemies.

There you have it.  One of his deep seated beliefs is that ALL ADULTS are enemies.  We began to process it.  It is deep.  it is going to take a really long time.

Praises for figuring it out.  Without EMDR I don't know that we would have gotten there.  Prayers for healing and a change in thinking.
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