Babysitter J is on fall break so I picked up Middle Boy from school today.

When he got in the car he told me he has a quiz to make up for his science teacher tomorrow after school.  I was pretty proud of him for remembering he needed to schedule it with her.

Before we got home I got a call from the science teacher.  He was in fact going to make up the quiz tomorrow...while he was serving detention for her.

It seems Middle Boy and his friend were playing "Hit My Hand" in class.  She said she has no idea, but there are boys doing it in every class.  Middle Boy hit his friends hand so hard that it swelled up and he had to go to the nurse.  Automatic detention.

When I got off the phone with his teacher I asked if he had forgotten to tell me part of the story.  He insisted it was "no big deal".  With him nothing ever is.  I explained (again) that since he is on probation it is a BIG DEAL.  I also explained that even if he wasn't, to me it is a BIG DEAL.

He said "everyone does it".  I used my new favorite phrase with him.  I find myself saying this a lot recently.  Do not compare yourself to what others are doing.  Compare yourself to the right thing to do.  I also explained how he was FULLY in control of whether or not this even happened.  He didn't have to engage in the game at all.  Really it isn't part of the curriculum for science anyway.

Prayers for control over his behavior and thinking before he acts.
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