When I asked Middle Boy what he was doing during Spanish earlier in the week he replied "chillen".


I told him I was frustrated that he had my face...just that morning. 

He said if I would try to understand the circumstances it would help.  I explained I can't understand the circumstances if NO ONE tells me them.

He told me that he made a choice to skip class to avoid a fight.

I asked him why he didn't tell me this on Tuesday when I picked him up from school.  He had two full days to tell me and he waited until I found out for myself.

I asked him to see it from my perspective.  Did he see how maybe I don't believe that there was a potential fight, because of how often he has been lying.  How it is possible that I don't trust it is true since I had to ask instead of being given the information and it took days.

He remained INCREDIBLY calm.  He said that is what was keeping him calm.  The fact that he knew it was a screw up and that he could see why I would be so angry.

This is the first true time I have seen empathy from Middle Boy.  I'm upset about the skipping and lying, but there is progress being made...real progress.
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