I have 20 quizzes I have to complete for work by Thanksgiving.  They aren't easy.  Luckily they are based on videos I can watch at home and I can do all of the quizzes at home.  I have to get 90% on each one or I have to retake it.

Each person in the company was assigned a level they needed to complete.  The quizzes are on newer drawing software that we use.  I don't do much drawing so I am starting at near zero knowledge.  There are five levels.  Thankfully I only have to get to level two.

It is somewhat overwhelming.  The quizzes are not easy.  Most people are having to take them four or five times to complete them.

I spent the afternoon watching the videos for quiz one and failing the test twice.  I am learning a lot.

I think it is good for the boys to see that people continually learn in life.  That sometimes for your job you need to study and learn new things.  Doesn't matter what your job is.

Prayers for time to be able to complete this.  The likelihood of it happening during the work hours is quite low. 
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