Something is going on with Middle Boy.

For months now there hasn't been any random crazy noises at weird times.  For a while there it was almost like a tourette's thing.

They have started again in the last couple of days.  Today after school they were REALLY bad.  Super loud.  All different kinds of noises.  Completely random.

I asked him to stop and think about it.  What is going on in his mind when he does it?  Does he even know he is doing it?

When Younger Boy does it generally he is under a lot of stress and it is usually animal sounds.  I haven't heard him do it for months either.

Middle Boy tells me all kids do it.  All the time.  Because it is fun.  I asked him to quit.  Obviously he can't.

Prayers for whatever has him anxious and is causing the noises to come.  I wish I knew and could help.
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