I love our church youth group...A LOT.

We are in preparation for our fall retreat.  The girls in my group are ready to go ALL OUT on this.

They want to make tutus and wear tiaras and crazy socks and boas.

Tonight we had to pick our shirt color.  Not easy.  Seven high school girls.  Making a decision...not on one, but three...just in case two groups have the same first choice.

Then we had to pick a name.  We talked for a while about all of the different words that went with princesses.  We got NOWHERE!

So our group name for the retreat is....DRUM ROLL...."Insert Clever Name".

Yup.  That's our name.  It was down to that and TBD.

I love these girls and how very real they are with each other.  Can't wait to spend the weekend hanging out with them.
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