I am frustrated by the class skipping.  Really frustrated.  Honestly though I am in some ways proud of Middle Boy. 

I'm not proud of him for skipping class.  I am proud of him though for working to avoid a fight.  For knowing one of his triggers and knowing that even though there are consequences for skipping the fight could have been really bad.

This evening I was on another blog and gained "it could be worse" perspective.

One of the mom's was lamenting how just when it seems progress is being made there is a backslide in behavior.  Her son had punched TWO different kiddos on the playground at school.  Another mom posted that her foster son had put someone's face in a vice grip.

I'm thankful those type of behaviors seem to have diminished at my house.  Believe me both boys have a history of "those things".

I just have to keep my focus on the gains we are making.  I don't want to minimize the fact that he skipped class...on the day of a test...but there was a behavioral awareness there today and that is new and it is something to be celebrated.
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