Our worker for Branching Out missed his last meeting with Middle Boy.  He didn't call for days after.

He was set up to meet with him today at 4PM.  At 4:30PM Middle Boy called.  The worker still wasn't there yet.

Middle Boy doesn't need more disappointment from programs or people in his life.  He has had more than his fair share.

I called the worker.  He had a legitimate reason for running late and was headed to our house at that time.  I asked him to PLEASE call from now on when running late.  (When did this stop being a courtesy?)

When I got home the worker was there.  They were setting up an appointment to go and work on getting his learner's permit.  He was showing Middle Boy where you can go online to take the practice exams.

I am thankful for this program and thankful Middle Boy is engaging.
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