J and I spent the afternoon going through the inventory of supplies we have for TRAC camp. 

Originally the plan was to just inventory what we have and then talk about projects we might consider for this coming summer.

We went WAY BEYOND that.  We were able to get the list together for the summer and create our shopping list and put together totes for this coming summer.  It is such a blessing.

One good thing is that we will be able to use up some of the miscellaneous supplies we have had on hand for YEARS.  For the most part there are no repeat projects.  That is exciting.

I am blessed to have had J helping me.  I loved the time we spent together chatting and laughing. to just buy the supplies and we are READY TO GO!!  Hooray!!

Thank you God for giving J a heart for these kids and a heart for helping with crafts.  She is a huge blessing to me and to camp.
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