This morning I called home and talked to Middle Boy.

I gave him a question to ask Boarder and call me back since Boarder was in the shower.  Otherwise I would have just talked to Boarder myself.

I told him to ask if they could meet me for lunch so I could give them money for haircuts and the haircut discount cards.

Middle Boy called me back and said "no problem".

So, I met them for lunch.

It was at lunch I found out that Middle Boy only asked Boarder if they could meet us for lunch.  Nothing was mentioned about the haircuts.

When I started to hand Boarder the money he asked what it was for.  Uh...haircuts.  The reason why you are here to meet me.

He has a meeting this afternoon for work, so that won't work out.

So...I thanked Middle Boy for letting me buy him lunch and went back to work.

I guess we'll get haircuts on Saturday.
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