As absurd as it sounds it was so good to be back at therapy today.

Younger Boy turned in his sleep log.  Interestingly the only days he logged were those days when he went to bed on time.  Everything else was missing.  Therapist C called him on it.

We talked about school.  He is doing much better.  We talked about my new rule.  If you have homework and you aren't going to do it you don't tell me "No" when I ask about homework.  You tell me "I have homework and I am not planning to do it".  There is no consequence.  Just practicing telling the truth.  She thought it was a good rule in trust.

Then we talked about why he got put in foster care.  It was really evident that he was just agreeing all the time.  Now we are just going to be blunt. 

In the past Therapist C used kinder terms to describe his bio parents, because let's face it, there is still a bond there.  She would say "confused" and "mixed up".  He didn't get it.

She decided to just be blunt to see if it would click.  FINALLY it did. 

He was convinced that since Older Sister was living with his bio parents again it must mean he was the problem.  We are going to have to work through that.

God...thank you for these therapists who "get it".  Who are helping...especially helping me.

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