Middle Boy and I made our third trip to the store today.

We had forgotten a few things in our earlier TWO TRIPS and needed to go back before the day tomorrow.

Middle Boy was very patient with me at the store.  I wanted to get some pants to lounge around the house (not the emergency item) and he wanted to get a new pair or earrings (also not the emergency item).

While I was in the clothing area there was a woman there shopping who was in a motorized scooter.  Not the ones the store provides, but her own.  She was trying to get some sweatshirts and sweatpants, but they were out of her reach.  I asked if she needed help.

We talked and I helped her pick something out.  I noticed she had a towel covering her and she said she had vomited on herself in the car and her husband had gotten angry and told her she couldn't continue to ride home, but to go in and get something else on and get changed.  The story broke my heart.  So I helped her pick out something.  I held all of the colors up to her face and helped her pick one out which really made her eyes sparkle.  I went to the fitting room area and explained her situation and they got some bags for her current clothes and helped her check out right there.  I was touched by this woman who I would have never had the opportunity to meet if we had our act together earlier in the day.

Prayers for this woman and her relationship with her husband.
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