Tonight when I got home from by bible study Younger Boy was already asleep.

Granted...his lights were on, his window open, his shoes on, and his glasses were on.  He was under the covers so we are one step closer to feeling safe during sleep.

All of those things make for a "quick escape" if needed during the middle of the night.

It is becoming VERY EVIDENT that there is some sort of trauma associated with sleep, but he hasn't been able to tell us about it yet.

My next goal is the window being closed during the night.  At the very least it needs to be only a little bit open.  Not open as wide as possible.  By the end of this week it could be nearly down to freezing temperatures here.  I don't want him to get frostbite in his room and I also don't want to have to heat the neighborhood.

It is kind of a tough balance.  I have closed the window after he falls asleep before only to wake him in the morning with it wide open again.

Prayers for understanding what is going on and being able to heal and work through it.
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