Babysitter J came over after she dropped of Middle Boy from school.  She was staying with the boys this evening and she asked if she could just stay and work on her homework.  That way she wouldn't get distracted by other things at home.

Sure.  No problem.  She sat and worked on Environmental Psychology homework.  (What on earth is that?)  Middle Boy read Animal Farm for his English class and Younger Boy read a little and napped a little.

I have homework right now, too.  I have to pass two levels of a software by November 21st.  I find out tomorrow what that actually entails.  I also had to read a book for work which is DONE now.
I am also in the process of studying for a professional exam to become a Certified Energy Manager.  On top of that I am leading a women's bible study and my small group.  Lots of homework for me on a regular basis.

It was nice to be able to just do the homework for a while tonight.  That doesn't happen for me very often.

Praises for quiet for work.
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