When I got out of the musical and turned on my cell phone I had three voice mail and four texts from Younger Boy.

As it turns out he had a PTSD problem on the school bus headed to the fall retreat and really melted down.

In his messages he was crying so hard I could hardly tell what he was saying.

I immediately called the leader and the adult who was going to keep an eye on him for the weekend.  He had calmed down and was with his group playing a game.


We made arrangements for him to ride home with one of the adults instead of on the bus.

I don't recall a bus ride being a trigger in the past and there are so many things it could have been...too many kids, leaving home for the weekend, too loud, too hot, too cold, who knows?

I'm grateful he has some great adults watching over him this weekend.

Prayers he will have a good experience and that the bus ride there didn't ruin it for him.
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