We got home and did more homework.

It was during this time the kooky stories started coming out from both boys.

Younger Boy didn't bring home the right notebook.  He didn't have the right papers.  He didn't couldn't start his reading log until Monday.  His teacher said absolutely not.

Middle Boy allegedly lost his entire A day notebook at school and so can only do homework for half of his classes.

This gets so old.

I emailed all of his A day teachers to ask if they had seen the notebook and to call or email me if they had it.

I had Younger Boy make a list of the things he needs to bring home tomorrow night.  He wanted me to write it.  When I said I wasn't the student he got mad.  I asked him to list all of his classes and write down what he needed to do.  I must have gotten confused and asked him to write a 10,000 word paper, because he was really put off by the effort required.

Both boys need to start relying on their own "smart brains" and not relying on me to remember all homework.

Prayers for taking responsibility for self and getting outside their own little worlds.
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