I feel really bad for Sophie....really bad.

I am kind of irritated, but more than that I KNOW she was scared.

When we left for the day she was in her kennel.  She often times is able to release herself.  Today was one of those days.

She obviously went up to my room once she got out of the kennel and then the wind blew my door shut.

I think she freaked out, because she clawed up the carpet under the door...down to the subfloor.

Luckily Younger Boy was ill or who knows what kind of damage she might have done while she panicked.

When we got home I could see she wasn't in the kennel and I could hear her whining.  Literally crying.

I'm irritated about the carpet, but I know she was scared.

Prayers we can find a good carpet repair person AND that we can calm Sophie's fears and find a way to better contain her!
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