One thing I love about both Babysitter J and Babysitter M is that they don't pull any punches about behaviors.  They tell me honestly what happened.  If things weren't fine they would never say it.

Tonight was a rough night for Younger Boy.

He didn't want to do his homework.  Shocking that he had some as soon as M left.  He told Babysitter J he "just remembered" and then didn't want to do it.  What on earth?  Both of us already thought he didn't have any.

She was finally able to get him to do it and then told him he could have a fifteen minute break and then it was time to shower and get ready for bed.

After fifteen minutes he started to stomp around the house.  She asked him to take a shower four times.  He headed upstairs.  He didn't get in the shower.  Instead he came back down with a handful of dog poop he had gotten out of his bedroom trash.  He threw it at her three separate times.

She calmly picked it up, handed it to him, and told him to throw it away and get in the shower.  This was the acccount given to me by Mentor L.  Well done, Babysitter J.

I asked if he had apologized and she said no.

I apologized and told her he would receive a consequence for this behavior, but honestly I would have to think about what a natural consequence is for throwing poop at someone.

Prayers for wisdom.  Praises for Babysitter J's honesty and patience.
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