As I was driving home from work tonight I started getting texts from both boys. 

Middle Boy basically said that if Younger Boy is going to be a part of this family he wants no part of it.  Younger Boy said that Middle Boy expects him to do EVERYTHING around the house.

The texts just kept coming...what on earth is going on there?

When I got home I asked both boys to give me EVERY detail of the story separately and then I had them sit together and give them to me.  It is funny how being together to tell the story makes you have a slightly different perspective.

Apparently Middle Boy wanted Younger Boy to pick up his trash from eating a snack.  Not sure why this was important to him, because he doesn't do it with his own snacks, but I digress.

Younger Boy decided not to, but instead to stand and scream in Middle Boy's face...six inches from his face.  Why?  No idea.

Middle Boy pushed him out of the way.  I wasn't traumatized as a child and I, too, might have considered this an appropriate action.

That is when Younger Boy screamed "you are scaring me" and Middle Boy decided to quit the family. 

Younger Boy knows that statement is a trigger for Middle Boy and he chooses to use it often.

I just wanted a semblance of order when I got home...guess that will have to wait until another day.
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