When I got home tonight the only person still up was Boarder.

I was shocked!!  Sophie was even napping on Boarder's lap.

The boys had both gone to bed before 9PM.  He didn't know really why.  He had gone up to check on them at 9:30PM and both were out.  He was shocked so he went up again at 10PM and they were still out.

Boarder and I talked a little bit.  We hardly know each other, but he gets what life it like at my house.  He is a witness to a lot of the chaos.

I appreciate him.  Sometimes I am irritated by him and sometimes I almost have to laugh out loud of the absurdity of him living with us.

Thank you God for the boys being in bed early.  They really needed the sleep.  Thank you for Boarder.  I would have never chosen this, but I can clearly see how your plan was better...far better.
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