Middle Boy's cell phone is not working.  It stopped a couple of days ago.  It turns on, says "battery critical" and turns itself back off.  Doesn't matter if it is charged or not.

So...I told him we could go to the cell phone providers store.

We walked in and were put on a list.

We were there for 45 minutes and no one had helped us.  I looked around and everyone there being waited on arrive AFTER we did.  I was not happy.

So...I went to the manager, the keeper of the list, and asked for his business card.  He asked why.  I told him it was so that I could mention him specifically by name when I contacted the company to tell them how pathetic the customer service was I had received at the local store.

He said he thought we had been waited on.  I asked what made him think that since we were sitting on a couch and he was randomly milling around the store.  He didn't bother to check.  I told him I thought it might be a good idea to find someone to wait on us soon.

He started groveling and then waited on us himself.  It went HORRIBLY, because he didn't know how to do ANYTHING.

I was not nice during the encounter.  I wish I could say Middle Boy's phone is fixed, but it isn't.  So...he is without smart phone, but has a phone (a privilege, not a necessity).  He is irritated and thinks that I should have shelled out $900 for an i-Phone for him on the spot.  He is willing to pay me back.  With what, I wasn't clear.

So...I need to write my letter to the company.  I somehow feel my Middle Sister would be proud since she is the BEST PERSON I have EVER MET regarding sticking up for herself.  Grandpa and Grandma...not so much.  Probably mortified...although the skill had to have come from somewhere!!

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