This morning I talked to Middle Boy about bedtime.  He agreed to go to bed at 8:30PM.

Tonight when I reminded him he told me it was "inconvenient".  He wanted to negotiate.  He told me that he would be in his room and stay there at 8:30PM and would be asleep by 9:00PM.  That was my original intent, but I let him think that he was getting his way.

I explained that I need some downtime in my life.  I need a few minutes every day when they are asleep where I can just be by myself.  Middle Boy asked if I could just do it at work.  I will do it at home after you are in bed.

He said, "you already do it".  Yes, AT MIDNIGHT, because you are always still up and in and out of your room and mine.  That isn't fair.  I WANT NEED MORE SLEEP!!  I want my downtime to be NO LATER THAN 9PM.

Both boys said this will no longer be a problem.  I know there is no way that is true, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

We'll see how tonight goes.
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