Middle Boy passed FIVE assignments tonight at therapy. 

I have started initially and putting a date on all of them each week so I know for sure whether he has done the required amount. 

Therapist L came out and talked to me.  Asked me about respectfulness toward me.  He still has a way to go.  Asked about respectfulness toward other authority.  Still a way to go.  Kindness toward his brother...marginal.  There is still a lot of work to be done. 

She asked about making amends for the texts last week.  I said he has been much more aware of his words toward me and kinder.  Still sarcastic and disrespectful often, but not quite as over the top.

She is going to be presenting at a couple of conferences in the next few weeks so he is going to have two separate weeks without therapy.

I have mixed feelings about it.  That's two more weeks this whole thing is going to drag on, but it is also two weeks of NOTHING on Saturday or Thursday evening.

Praises for a good Christian therapist.  She thinks the fall retreat for church will be vitally important to his growth in her program.
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