If I am completely honest I am still distraught over the behavior and words of Middle Boy.  Hurt really.

We got home and Younger Boy had homework to wrap up so we needed to stay up. 

Middle Boy decided to go to bed.

Each night I check his Facebook chats, texts, and Facebook page. 

Tonight when I was checking his Facebook messages I find out about a fight that had taken place after school school property.

Middle Boy was not the instigator, but he was a participant.  The posts described some injuries of the other boy.

I went to Middle Boy's room and asked him about it.  What on earth?  Was he going to tell me?

He said he was just trying to move on and the other boy had punched him in the stomach and it dropped him to his knees and he threw up.  He said he snapped, because it is what his mom's boyfriend used to do to him.

We talked about fighting.  We talked about anger control.  We just talked.

I'm angry and hurt and I feel so very inadequate.  How can I help this boy?
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