We went to youth group tonight.

I needed it.  I needed to hang out with the girls.  I needed to remember God knows what I am going through.  I needed to be real.

Younger Boy brought two friends with him...B and M.  Both are funny, quirky and obnoxious in their own ways.

On the way to youth group Middle Boy said he was sorry and he loved me.  I said I accepted his apology, but we needed to talk with words not screaming and honestly. 

I love my youth group girls.  I can be real with them.  I can be authentic and transparent.  Tonight was amazing.  They were a little silly and disruptive at first, but then we got to a tough question...really tough.  Here's the question..."What in your life is broken that you need redemption from?"

One of my girls said "wow that is a heavy question".

I went first.  I said my relationship with both boys is broken.  I get angry and frustrated and I run out of patience and I am not nice.  I say things that are unkind and I need God's help with it.  I can't do it myself.

This opened the floodgates with all of the girls.  It ended up being the BEST discussion we have ever had in our three years of group.

Our ride home.  My two boys, Younger Boy's two friends, and S who I used to mentor.  Out of control.  Loud.  I had to say more than five times "keep your hands to yourself".  M and B were so excited about Tribe.  They loved every single minute and asked if they could go back every single week, because it was "so awesome".

Praises for the night.  The roller coaster of it and letting God in.
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