My worst fear.

This morning at 2:48AM I heard a fire alarm beep in our home.

I KNEW it was because the battery was dying.  The boys did not.

Younger Boy was crying hysterically.  It was the detector in his room.  Middle Boy was freaking out.

Of course Younger Boy's ceiling is the only vaulted ceiling in the ENTIRE house.

I sent him to the main level for our batteries just praying we would have a 9 volt. 

While he was there Middle Boy and I moved Younger Boy's bunk beds underneath the detector so we could get that high.  Our step stool left us woefully short.

Younger Boy stood on the top bunk and I talked him through changing the battery.  The whole time making a mental to note to change ALL OF THEM this weekend.

It took a while for everyone to relax.  I finally got back in bed at 3:40AM.

The good thing that came of this was both boys now know without a doubt a single beep of the smoke detector wakes them.

Prayers for rest tomorrow.  We are going to need it.
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